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One of Cleveland’s TOP Dentist’s is in Solon, Ohio

The Center for Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry is a state of the art facility that offers dental care in a comfortable, intimate environment. Every one of our patients receives personal and individualized attention, something that can only be experienced in a small, private office. With exceptional care, we will deliver your care using the latest procedures and materials. The staff is thoughtful, sensitive, and caring. We try to understand each patient’s needs and desires as well as their fears.
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Our Technology

Over the years there have been some great advancements in technology for Dentistry. We carefully evaluate what is available to make sure it is actually useful and beneficial and not just some marketing ploy. It is not about bells and whistles. It is about applying state of the art materials, methods, and technology in a proven manner that results in better diagnosis and treatment for the patient. Our office is continually engaged in this process. Our goal is to deliver the best service we can to our patients with the best possible outcome. Using technology is just one part of that equation.
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Headaches and TMJ

Many people suffer from headaches and TMD (Temperomandibular Joint Dysfunction). Dr. Rose has advanced training in successfully treating these problems. The goal of this therapy is to treat the cause without medication. All too often patients are treated with all kinds of medications that only mask the problems or partial eliminate the pain. It is our goal to not only eliminate the pain, but also to eliminate the drugs. If you or someone you know suffers from this, just ask. We would love to try to help you!
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Holistic Dentistry

A Holistic Approach to dentistry looks at the patient as a whole person, not just the teeth. It is about looking beyond the mouth to the rest of the body, and evaluating that relationship. Using this approach with sound neuromuscular principles, treatments can be offered that addresses headaches, neck aches, facial pain, TMJ, sleep problems, as well at the common “dental” issues.

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